[industry edition] - EXPLORE SANTA CRUZ COUNTY: Pleasure Point

While the Opal Cliffs neighborhood hosts quite a few tech icons, Pleasure Point is the playground for everyone to access an amazing coastline bike path that borders an eclectic mix of beach cottages, summer homes and longtime local surf “shacks,” that are highly sought after by a who’s who of Silicon Valley. As your go-to Santa Cruz County referral partner, we’re all about supplying you with local intel to keep your clients informed in their coastal and mountain property search. In this edition, we breakdown the Pleasure Point area and its highly desirable amenities.


If you’re wanting to help your clients explore current listings, here’s a link to our Pleasure Point-specific search tool.


When it comes to ADU’s in this area, they’re quite popular, and there are few things to know, but the easiest way to see what a particular property your clients are interested in can accommodate, is by checking our ADU spotlight blog, which will give you everything you need to know. And we mentioned those vacation rental rules potential buyers should know about, this link should definitely be referenced if this is your client’s goal in searching for a property in this area. 


There’s a lot of local intel that we’re able to share with you to help you look good in front of your clients and we’re happy to be a referral partner and navigate our region together, here's a direct link to our official Referral Partner Program.


We’ve made it easy for your clients to explore this diverse county with a variety of resources ranging from our neighborhood home search tool and mortgage calculator to our Prop 19 and Fire Protection resources that will give your clients an edge when considering their next property in our region, whether it’s Pleasure Point or the surrounding towns and cities.


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-Erick Fernandez